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~ Dark Brown Standard Poodles & Rich Red Standard Poodles ~

"Home of Working Poodles"

~ Poodles are not born with Pom Poms ~

Our Poodles have to be great pets first, because that is our foundation.
We also want a working dog, that has calm, stable temperament, beauty
with unique magnificent color not found everywhere, intelligence and of course, health
I want to own a poodle that I can walk through a china shop with and then
go do some dock diving or boating at the cottage or go run a 6 km distance with me
and in the evenings go to the hospital with me to do Pet Therapy with elderly patients.
I want an intelligent loving poodle that will cuddle for hours, wants to be with me and that won't shed.
I want a great poodle that will do everything that I want to do and also be physically capable.
~ Providing Working Dogs to Loving "PET" Homes ~
This is why we do all that we do, with your puppy's parents
because we want to ensure pups we produce and pups we keep, will be great pets and working dogs too.
It really is not asking too much to demand the TOTAL PACKAGE ;)

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Real Dogs .... for Real People !

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Bijou Standard Poodles
Niagara Falls
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We will ship worldwide, to loving, approved working homes

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~ WARNING ~ Cyber libel

Be careful what you post to a blog, Forum or into an email.
If you write Defamatory Statements you could be sued for libel.
(yes even if it is "just your opinion" or you add "without prejudice, or you 'think' it is true")
You are an adult, which means you are Accountable and Responsible
for what you post in forums, blogs, message boards and say on the phone.

If you find offence with this information, it means you are one of the offenders, so don't bother contacting us for a puppy !
We believe if a person lies, cheats, Bullies online, just imagine what they will do with a human or an animal in their care !
This also includes one of the worse offenders, the Ontario Red Breeder that trash talks other breeders, in order to peddle her pups
on every internet forum, and or any of her known associates, because by association you condone those illegal activities.

Bijou Poodles does not belong to any Clubs or Forums, that allow their members to engage in Libel, Defaming or Cyber Bullying
nor will we knowingly place a puppy to anyone engaged in such amoral, unethical and illegal behaviour.

Just remember what your parents taught you
If you have nothing good to say about others, don't say anything

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